Talkin’ Music: The White Stripes

My mind works like a jukebox… err, iPod nano with Multi-Touch. It’s a well-known fact that I’ll gladly corner anyone in a dark bar and chew their ear off about music. The first band I was really obsessed with was Counting Crows… err, The White Stripes.

(There’s no proof that I was ever a HUGE Counting Crows fan; at least, not any proof that will hold up in a court of law. That old tee-shirt that I refuse to throw away? My Adam Duritz autographed crutch? Circumstantial evidence, your Honor!)

I was such a rabid White Stripes fan that I’m glad they stopped making music. I know this might sound counterintuitive but allow me to explain: remember that funnysmelling guy that used to hangaround your dad? Remember how, when he learned you were into music, he gave you an old crusty cassette tape with some encoded message like ’11/30/80 Fox Scar->Fire’ scrawled on it and then flashed you some weird handgesture that I have since learned is a pious imitation of Jerry Garcia’s mutilated right hand, but at the time, looked revoltingly similar to ‘The Shocker’? And remember how he sealed the transaction by whispering, “Go ahead; make a copy of it, little dude!”

Make a copy of it? I didn’t even want to touch that nasty old thing! And who did I know that owned a cassette player?

Well, fastforward thirty years and I can easily foresee myself handing an old “compact disc” of Elephant to one of my friend’s teenage sons, flashing him a sly, knowing wink, and whispering, “And you know what’s really awesome, little man? They’re brother and sister!”

(Hey, if Jack says that Meg is his youngerolder sister, I believe him!)

So here’s a quick list of my “Big Three” White Stripes songs:

Lebron: Death Letter (I’ll post the Son House original version of this song on Facebook)

D Wade: Denial Twist (Great song hidden on a difficult album)

Otherguy: Rag & Bone (“Meg, look at all this STUFF…”)


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2 Responses to Talkin’ Music: The White Stripes

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    Recovering the Satellites. Awesome album.

    And I *DO* have a cassette player. A schmancy stereophonic one, even.

    What I do NOT have, is an iPod anything. I’m sort of old school like that.

  2. “I got a backyard
    With nothing in it,
    Except a stick,
    A dog,
    And a box with something in it”

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