Talkin’ Music: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Nick Cave is a strange kangaroo. While I’ve never considered myself a HUGE fan, I always check out his new albums. I enjoy listening to Nick Cave songs for two reasons:

1. His odd sex appeal. He’s a rather ugly Aussie bloke, but somehow he makes it work. Case in point: he’s probably the only man in the history of humankind to make a mullet look… I can’t bring myself to end this sentence with the word “good”, so instead I’ll type: “not craptastic”.

2. His annunciation. Nick Cave makes even craptastic lyrics sound good. For example, on the new album, Finishing Jubilee Street begins with him moaning twice, before announcing, “I just finished writing Jubilee Street. I lay down on my bed and fell into a deep sleep.” Only Nick Cave can make his afternoon nap sound this interesting!

So here’s my ‘Big Three’ of moaningshouting Nick Cave lyrics:

Lebron:”Where is Mona?” (The first line from Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow)

D Wade: “Ah, Poor Larry!” (3:20 into Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!)

Otherguy: “DAMN!!” (1:38 into No Pussy Blues)


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One Response to Talkin’ Music: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah yes the moaningshouting lyrics are fabulous on his songs!

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