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Weird Holiday of the Week

Shakespeare’s Birthdeath Day: Shakespeare died on April 23, supposedly after getting “porter in Macbeth” drunk with his good mates, Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton. No one knows exactly when Shakespeare was born, but he was christened on April 26. As … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week

Future Boring: (grammar) Verb tense in which a person continually speaks about things they intend to do in the future. Example sentence: “When using future boring verb tense, the statement “I’m going to go back to school” functions the same … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: Rick James’ Couch

I consider myself a connoisseur of fine rap lyrics like Billy Dee Williams was a connoisseur of fine malt beverages. I’ve found that focusing on lyrics is a good way for a white person to discuss rap music without sounding like … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week

Drinkwater Word: (adj) Any word that attempts to describe something so obvious that it renders description impossible Example sentence: “Attempting to describe the relationship between photography and reality is pointless because reality is a drinkwater word.”

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The History of Humboldt (Part II): Scenesetting

Nothing refutes the solidity of self-identity like Angus Fletcher’s assertion “to discover the scene is to discover the self.” Regardless of what our flopflopfearing politicians may say, the self is not solid stone; it’s shifting sand. The act of discovering … Continue reading

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