Talkin’ Music: Rick James’ Couch

I consider myself a connoisseur of fine rap lyrics like Billy Dee Williams was a connoisseur of fine malt beverages. I’ve found that focusing on lyrics is a good way for a white person to discuss rap music without sounding like Ben Stiller. (“Little Kim, she’s phat!”)

As such, you can image my surprise when I stumbled upon not one, but two lyrics that mention Rick James’ couch: the chorus from T.I.’s Poppin’ Bottles and R. Kelly’s intro on To the World.

Surely, this couch has become the most famous home furnishing in the history of rap music, eclipsing Snoop’s blue carpet, Young Jeezy’s black hardwood floors (Fame), LL Cool J’s iconic bearskin rug (Big Ole Butt), and Rick Ross’ pineapple-shaped chaise lounge (OK, this doesn’t actually appear in any of Rick Ross’ songs, but I’m assuming he owns one and just can’t think of anything that rhymes with “lounge.” But then again, he is a master at rhyming the same word twice!)

Here’s my ‘Big Three’ of other recent noteworthy rap lyrics:

Lebron: “Halle Berry. Hallelujah. Holla back. I’ll do ya. Beast!” Kendrick Lamar on A$AP Rocky’s Fucking Problems

D Wade: “We don’t talk shit; we just state facts” Drake on 2 Chainz’s No Lie. You know it’s a classic rap lyric if it enters your own vernacular; for example, I find myself thinking, “A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz: you might want to reconsider asking rappers who are better than you to make guest appearances on your songs because that kinda makes you look wack; I’m not talking shit, I’m just stating facts.”

Otherguy: “I’m having the epiphany you niggas ain’t shit to me” 50 Cent on We Up. When James Joyce popularized the word “epiphany,” I’m not sure this is how he foresaw it being used. But then again, I can easily envision him announcing something similar to Irish critic John Eglinton and mystic poet George William (A.E.) Russell.


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