Weird Word of the Week

Peoplepigeons : (n) a way to describe people who spend their whole lives navigating the same circle of life and work.

Example paragraph from Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking:

“As Humboldt watched, the city transformed itself into a gigantic, concrete birdcage full of peoplepigeons. These strange creatures spent their days foraging for food and desirable reproductive qualities, while continually defecating on each other. At night, these peoplepigeons were kept in tiny cages that were geometrically stacked on top of each other. Once a day, these cages would open, causing a swarm of activity.”

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2 Responses to Weird Word of the Week

  1. Rich A says:

    I’m fairly new to WordPress….but I can tell I’m going to enjoy your “Weird Word’s of the Week”.

  2. I’m looking forward to next week’s “Weird Words…”

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