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Weird Word of the Week

Wordscoundrel: (n) a person who is willing to justify anything with words. Example dialogue from Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking: “Wordscoundrels. They’re all just in here [the Rothko Chapel] because of the air-conditioning. But they feel the need … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: Incarcerated Jamaican Reggae Superstars

In college, I was once privy to a conversation that included the advice: “If you want to make some real money, you should pursue a career in Native American Casino Law.” For many years afterwards, whenever I was short on … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week

The Firing Squad: (n) an aggressive line of pointed questions. Example sentence: “Many a man has come home late and been forced to face the firing squad like Colonel Aureliano Buendía in One Hundred Years of Solitude.”

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The History of Humboldt (Part IV): The Art of the Ellipsis

Prestigious literary critics aren’t above hurling common schoolboy taunts at one another. The question that formalist critics like to antagonize their character-based brethren with is: “how many children had Lady Macbeth?” This question is meant to be a reminder that … Continue reading

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