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Talkin’ Music: Tom Waits (Three Legs)

I sometimes suspect that the reason why Tom Waits has never reached the level of musical superstardom that he deserves is because he violates all three of Pop music’s Cardinal Rules: Rule #1: Be young and attractive Rule #2: Be … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week

Caronoscopy: (n) the act of aggressively accelerating a motor vehicle until that vehicle’s front bumper is nearly touching the rear bumper of the vehicle in front of it. Example sentence from Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking: “As the … Continue reading

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Weird Holiday of the Weekend

Bukowski Day: Doesn’t it seem that, of all writers, Charles Bukowski deserves his own holiday? I mean, the man was like a pockmarked, binge-drinking, womanizing walking holiday. A few years ago, with this in mind, I declared September 15th ‘Bukowski … Continue reading

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‘Long Live Us’ by Mark R. Brand

Like a good man, a good short story is hard to find. I once heard the genre compared to tomatoes. Sure, you can grow them in hothouses (read: MFA programs), but the really good ones have to grow from the … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: Late Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith didn’t deal well with what Tennessee Williams described as “the catastrophe of success.” Here’s just one example of many: after spending nights boozing around the Lower East Side, he would routinely walk home to his apartment in Brooklyn. … Continue reading

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