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The Difficulty of Writing Humorously About Castration

In Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking, a character gets humorously castrated. This character, a former college professor, also happens to be the most vocal advocate of the Power of Positive Thinking. When Humboldt points out to him that everything … Continue reading

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Weird Holidays of the Next Couple of Weeks

Quarter Day Celebrations (for Drunks): As the name suggests, the original Quarter Day celebrations were a Medieval way to separate the year into four religious holidays. Of the original four, only Christmas has proven to have “staying power” (think of it … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: The Summer on Smash

Ever since Fat Joe & the Terror Squad murdered the summer of 2004 with Lean Back, I’ve been a keen observer of what rapper puts the “summer on smash.” (The phrase comes from a Nas/Swizz Beatz collaboration off Nas’ new album.) This … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week:

Sweatpants & Television: (n) a way to describe the lessening of life’s physical and intellectual activity to the lowest possible level.  Example sentence:  “Running a non-profit, raising twin boys, and dating an economist? Wow, it looks like Ricky Martin ain’t … Continue reading

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