The Difficulty of Writing Humorously About Castration

In Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking, a character gets humorously castrated. This character, a former college professor, also happens to be the most vocal advocate of the Power of Positive Thinking. When Humboldt points out to him that everything happens for the best, he sadly responds, “Yeah, I guess so, lad. But sometimes, I wish I had me balls back.”

For obvious reasons, writing humorously about castration ain’t easy. Because of the topic’s inherent difficulties, I assumed that no other writer on the planet was tackling it. Well, you can imagine my shock to discover how wrong I was. And not only was this other writer on the same planet as me, he was also in the same family!

Jefferson Navicky

Here’s the link for a video of my brother reading three of his newest poems, including one about castrating Justin Bieber, on the television program Poet’s Cafe. He makes his appearance at 8:45.
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