Scott Navicky reads from Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking in New Orleans (XI)

This is my final New Orleans video. I’m standing next to the Ignatius J. Reilly statue on Canal Street between Bourbon and Dauphine. This video was shot during my third day in the city, which explains why I’m looking (and sounding) slightly less fresh than the other ten.

The phrase “the Great Sewer” is a quote from Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi. The Mississippi, Twain writes, “is the longest river in the world- four thousand three hundred miles. It seems safe to say that it is also the crookedest river in the world… An article in the New Orleans Times-Democrat, based upon reports of able engineers, states that the river annually empties four hundred and six million tons of mud into the Gulf of Mexico- which brings to mind Captain Marryat’s rude name for the Mississippi- the Great Sewer.”

This video is also a painful reminder of how important it is to double-check your pronunciation before you start reading. Lagniappes? Hungover or not, there’s NO WAY I would ever be able to pronounce that crazy word correctly!

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