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Paging Columbus: Thursday, April 3rd at OSU Urban Art Space

Step inside our wonder room, and behold our collection of dazzlingly weird stuff! Andrew Miller, Raena Shirali, and Scott Navicky will read poems and prose that touch on trinkets, prized objects, shrines, secret stashes, and display cases. Our evening will run … Continue reading

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Fiction Writers Review

The Thrill of Rejection and the Sensible Drunkenness of Success by SCOTT NAVICKY A writer can never have too much (or too little) advice on how to handle rejection. Every rejection, no matter how discrete, invokes the sensation of being punched … Continue reading

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Humboldt: The Annotated Edition

After sixteen months of research, writing, revising, and editing, Humboldt: The Annotated Edition is now available as a free download from CCLaP’s website. So what can you expect from Humboldt: The Annotated Edition? To begin with, beaucoup explanations of my … Continue reading

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Why Write: Scott Navicky

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Photos & Stories from the Book Release Party

The insanity of Sunday’s Book Release Party began a few hours before the event when I happened to find myself standing in line at a local cafe behind former Ohio State University President E. Gordon Gee. ‘Here’s just the man,’ … Continue reading

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Humboldt excerpt on HYPERtext

HYPERtext, whose hilarious subtitle reads: “Helping people lose an hour since 2010,” has posted the beginning of Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking. I How Humboldt was brought up on a beautiful farm in Ohio & how he was driven … Continue reading

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Book Release Party

As a child, my life was strangely devoid of bookstores. In my hometown, bookstores were akin to tattoo parlors. Every so often, a new one would appear, seeped in seediness. While the name and location varied, the unpleasant inventory always … Continue reading

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