Sharing two Soundcloud files

Seven months ago, at the request of CCLaP’s Marketing Director, Lori Hettler, I recorded an audio file on Soundcloud. Okay, I’ll admit it: I made a real hash of it. It’s hard not to sound awkward sitting in a dark room by yourself, reading passages from your novel into the lonely glow of your laptop. But awkwardness aside, I enjoyed being on Soundcloud and quickly recorded a couple of more files.

Now, I’m not the most tech-savvy bloke, and thus it’s no surprise that it’s taken me seven months to figure out how to share these files.

Having been recorded so long ago, the first file is rather cringeworthy; I’m happy to report that I’ve gotten much better at reading this particular passage in public. Because of the file’s cringeworthiness, I was planning on re-recording it, but then I decided not to. The reason behind this decision was that, near the end of the recording, you can hear what appears to be the sounds of a baby seagull being given a birdbath in our kitchen sink.



A few days after recording this original file, I recorded a second one. Although my delivery on this second file is much better, I do cringe at how the recording begins with a rather sleazy, Ron Burgundy-esque enunciation of the word “Inevitably…”



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