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Humboldt: The Annotated Edition Soundcloud file

While doing readings, I always enjoy giving an example of how Humboldt: The Annotated Edition works. In addition to the two annotations mentioned in the audio file, here are a couple of other quick things that appear within this particular passage: Munster … Continue reading

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Death by Jordan

After its parade of famous rappers, Chapter XXXVII’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam dream sequence ends with MC H Money shouting: “187 on a motherfucking parrot!” while strangling a giant parrot with his microphone cord. In the next dreamscene, Humboldt is the defendant at … Continue reading

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Humboldt Dream Sequence Rap Songs Playlist

One of my goals in writing Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking was to engage in acts of unprecedentedness. This explains why I coined so many portmantypos, wrote a section in faux French, created an Interstate Scavenger Hunt, and included so many … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: Sean Paul

“I stopped playing professional water polo so I could focus on my music.” Doesn’t that sound like something Tom Waits might say in an interview? But it’s not a piece of Waitsian fiction, it’s actually a quote from Sean Paul. Both Sean … Continue reading

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Two more Soundcloud files

After my initial foray into Soundcloud, I had the idea to record some files of me reading my favorite passages from other novels. My hope was that this might make my SoundCloud profile appear alittle less narcissistic. The first passage I chose was from James … Continue reading

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