Death by Jordan

After its parade of famous rappers, Chapter XXXVII’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam dream sequence ends with MC H Money shouting: “187 on a motherfucking parrot!” while strangling a giant parrot with his microphone cord. In the next dreamscene, Humboldt is the defendant at Hot 97’s Summer Jam Jury, where he’s accused of “Corporate Malfeasance, Collegiate Malfeasance, Cultural Malfeasance, Colloidal Malfeasance, Connubial Malfeasance, Convivial Malfeasance and now parricide,” and asked: “Is there any malfeasance that you haven’t malfeased?”

Humboldt’s trial ends with him being sentenced to “Death by Jordan.” In the next dream sequence, Humboldt envisions himself (or rather, Humboldt Hornacek) attempting to guard Michael Jordan during the final seconds of Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals.

For anyone unfamiliar with this famous moment in NBA history, here’s a video:

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