Humboldt: The Annotated Edition Soundcloud file

While doing readings, I always enjoy giving an example of how Humboldt: The Annotated Edition works. In addition to the two annotations mentioned in the audio file, here are a couple of other quick things that appear within this particular passage:

Munster and Leister are perennial Irish rugby powerhouses.

“B.O.D is G.O.D.” was an Irish rugby chant directed towards former captain Brian O’Driscoll.

“Patrick W. Satan” is a reference to a joke in Ulysses about “Patrick W. Shakespeare” being an Irish hero.

Rugby referee Wayne Barnes is commonly referred to as “The Most Hated Man in New Zealand Rugby.” This moniker stems from his poor performance refereeing the 2007 Rugby World Cup Quarterfinal between the All Blacks and France. [sigh] More recently, another Barnes “brain explosion” cost the All Blacks a victory against South Africa. Seriously, why would a ref IGNORE the protocol for referring a dangerous tackle to the TMO? If the tackle was NOT spotted when it happened… okay, okay, I’ll just move on…

In Ulysses, Sweets of Sin is the name of the smutty novel Leopold Bloom purchases for his wife.

Jesus’ brother, James the Just, is an important figure within the study of Gnostic literature. After Jesus’ death, it appears that followers of James came to loggerheads with Pauline Christians, which mirrors the relationship between New Zealand rugby fans and Wayne Barnes!

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