Images from the Two-Day NYC Book Launch for 3Essays on Imagereality

I think my favorite quote from last weekend’s two-day New York City book launch for 3Essays on Imagereality came when somebody said to me: “you’re such a natural at these kind of events.” I played it cool. I didn’t mention that I had been prepping four times a day for two months; but if you looked at my reading copy, all this prep work was probably rather obvious:


(My second favorite quote from the weekend came from the dad who was pushing a stroller around Park Slope while wearing a tee-shirt exclaiming: “Mine are RAD jokes!” Yup, you gotta love dad jokes about dad jokes!)

The book launch was hosted by Trestle Gallery in conjunction with their exhibition Liminal Worlds.  The exhibition featured the work of four artists who, according to the gallery’s press release, “examine the thin and tenuous line dividing the many realities that we experience as part of the human condition.” Continuing to quote from the press release: “Collectively these artists become guides for us to venture through their artworks into territories that are filled with contemplation, politics, and a deeper capacity for self-awareness.”

The exhibition made for a spectacular backdrop for my reading:


On my way to Trestle Gallery, I snapped a picture of me and my reading copy of 3Essays on Imagereality riding the N train.

on the N train

Trestle Gallery 2

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