3Essays on Imagereality


“3Essays on Imagereality is greatly served by following the thoughts and philosophy of Ghost “chasing” Imagereality, an overthinker that gives the book essential layers for the reader to deconstruct going from Nietzche to pop culture references, and witty musing on the offbeats of life.” – A Bastard’s Indie Book Reviews


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“As was the case with Mr. Navicky’s previous novel, Humboldt3Essays on Imagereality is like nothing I’ve read before. When I started the book, I had an initial fear that I might not be smart enough for this book. That happened with Humboldt, too (they both give your brain a workout), but I ended up feeling a lot more grounded with this one.” – Lovely Bookshelf

Haunted by photography and fueled by failure, Carlos Spencer-Bayard is an insomniac anythingarian boozehound, who is known to his friends and family simply as “Ghost.” A keen observer of the strangemotion of his own mind, he spends his days engrossed in the daily demands of parenting (i.e. liontaming), but at night, when the noose of nightmadness tightens and the turtle of thought is flipped onto its back, he wrestles with Imagereality. Understanding Imagereality is no easy task, as images are everywhere; and wherever images go, imagetheory must follow. Thus an imagethinker is a scholar of the cultural kitchen sink: nothing is verboten. Shakespeare’s Sonnets and potential self-slaughter, Gnostic intoxication, Gérard Depardieu’s inexplicable sex appeal, Talkreality (also known as Squawkreality), drag queens, author photos, absinthe, and endlessnessnessness: everything is permissible under Imagereality’s spectacular perspectival sun.