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Flyover Fest Panel Discussion

Midwestern Musings (panel discussion) 12pm — Wild Goose Creative Hannah Stephenson brings together an incredible team of Midwestern writers to talk about what it means to be a writer in the Midwest. This event is part of the book fair … Continue reading

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Humboldt excerpt in Ohio Edit

What happened to Humboldt and Marty upon arriving in New York City I wonder which of these low economic housing developments is Connecticut? Humboldt thought as he stared wildeyed out his window during their descent into Idlewild Airport. He was … Continue reading

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Humboldt; Or, The Power of Positive Thinking

The Iraq War? The housing market collapse? College football’s concussion crisis? How can anyone be expected to understand such complexities, especially a “horticulturally dyslexic” farmboy with an eighth-grade education and a penchant for perpetually misunderstanding, misreading, and misinterpreting the world? … Continue reading

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Convergence of Birds (Yeah nah) in ZO Magazine

Although it’s been years since I left Aotearoa New Zealand, I still retain a confusing residue of kiwispeak: sweet as, chocka, sparrow’s faaart… y’know, the usual stuff. So when a mate recently asked me if judging ZO Magazine’s 2015 Art … Continue reading

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Murdered by Marina Abramović, Assaulted by Paul Auster in Loveliest Magazine

I’m standing on the corner of Jackson and St. Charles, waiting for a streetcar that’s running obnoxiously behind schedule. To pass the time, I allow my mind to float away. Like an unencumbered magpie, it lifts gently over the midair … Continue reading

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Humboldt: The Annotated Edition Soundcloud file

Visual art plays an important role in Humboldt: Or, The Power of Positive Thinking. The novel references many real works of art, such as Robert Indiana’s sculpture LOVE, Red Blue, Robert Frank’s 1955 photograph Trolley, Cyrus Edwin Dallin’s sculpture Appeal to the Great Spirit, … Continue reading

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Two Photos from Muskingum University Author Talk


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