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Humboldt excerpt in Ohio Edit

What happened to Humboldt and Marty upon arriving in New York City I wonder which of these low economic housing developments is Connecticut? Humboldt thought as he stared wildeyed out his window during their descent into Idlewild Airport. He was … Continue reading

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Convergence of Birds (Yeah nah) in ZO Magazine

Although it’s been years since I left Aotearoa New Zealand, I still retain a confusing residue of kiwispeak: sweet as, chocka, sparrow’s faaart… y’know, the usual stuff. So when a mate recently asked me if judging ZO Magazine’s 2015 Art … Continue reading

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Murdered by Marina Abramović, Assaulted by Paul Auster in Loveliest Magazine

I’m standing on the corner of Jackson and St. Charles, waiting for a streetcar that’s running obnoxiously behind schedule. To pass the time, I allow my mind to float away. Like an unencumbered magpie, it lifts gently over the midair … Continue reading

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Nothingness & the Nightsky in ZO Magazine

As a small child, I used to mistakenly believe that physical deterioration was the most unpleasant aspect of getting older. Premonitions of an achy lower back, sore knees, arthritis, a hip replacement (or two), glaucoma haunted me nightly. After playing … Continue reading

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Camera Carlos: Reflections on Imagereality (Alternative Title: cleavagecleavagecleavage)

While acclaimed photographer theorist Susan Meiselas, president of the Magnum Foundation, was seated in her office on West 27th Street finalizing details for the “Photography, Expanded” symposium, and acclaimed photography theorist Geoffrey Batchen was sitting in his office at Victoria … Continue reading

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Fiction Writers Review

The Thrill of Rejection and the Sensible Drunkenness of Success by SCOTT NAVICKY A writer can never have too much (or too little) advice on how to handle rejection. Every rejection, no matter how discrete, invokes the sensation of being punched … Continue reading

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Why Write: Scott Navicky

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