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Humboldt; Or, The Power of Positive Thinking

The Iraq War? The housing market collapse? College football’s concussion crisis? How can anyone be expected to understand such complexities, especially a “horticulturally dyslexic” farmboy with an eighth-grade education and a penchant for perpetually misunderstanding, misreading, and misinterpreting the world? … Continue reading

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Two photos from the BIG BIG Mess reading


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The BIG BIG MESS Reading Series

This Saturday, I’ll be reading at Annabell’s Bar & Lounge in Akron, OH as part of the monthly BIG BIG MESS reading series. To commemorate the event, I’ve casually dropped an image of my novel into The Black Keys’ Rubber Factory … Continue reading

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Review of Love Songs of the Revolution by Bronwyn Mauldin

As a teenager, I was something of a mischief-maker. My friends and I egged houses, stole funny street signs, made prank phone calls, left flaming bags of poo on people’s front porches, and put porno magazines emblazoned with outrageously obscene … Continue reading

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Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking Pre-Sale Announcement

Today is the Day of The Dead. No, not that Day of the Dead. Today is the day that James Joyce’s short story The Dead takes place. (Think of it as Bloomsday in winter.) Within Catholicism, January 6th is  celebrated as the Feast … Continue reading

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‘Long Live Us’ by Mark R. Brand

Like a good man, a good short story is hard to find. I once heard the genre compared to tomatoes. Sure, you can grow them in hothouses (read: MFA programs), but the really good ones have to grow from the … Continue reading

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