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Flyover Fest Panel Discussion

Midwestern Musings (panel discussion) 12pm — Wild Goose Creative Hannah Stephenson brings together an incredible team of Midwestern writers to talk about what it means to be a writer in the Midwest. This event is part of the book fair … Continue reading

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Book Launch Event with The Book Loft, Bookspace & Stauf’s German Village

Book Launch Event: Poetry and Prose at Stauf’s Coffee Roasters – German Village Join central Ohio author Andrew Miller for the official launch of his debut book, “If Only The Names Were Changed.” Miller turns his focus inward through poetic … Continue reading

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Humboldt excerpt in Ohio Edit

What happened to Humboldt and Marty upon arriving in New York City I wonder which of these low economic housing developments is Connecticut? Humboldt thought as he stared wildeyed out his window during their descent into Idlewild Airport. He was … Continue reading

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Death by Jordan

After its parade of famous rappers, Chapter XXXVII’s Hot 97’s Summer Jam dream sequence ends with MC H Money shouting: “187 on a motherfucking parrot!” while strangling a giant parrot with his microphone cord. In the next dreamscene, Humboldt is the defendant at … Continue reading

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Two more Soundcloud files

After my initial foray into Soundcloud, I had the idea to record some files of me reading my favorite passages from other novels. My hope was that this might make my SoundCloud profile appear alittle less narcissistic. The first passage I chose was from James … Continue reading

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Images of Humboldt

I spotted this sticker in a particularly unsavory bathroom in New Orleans. It reminded me of something my character Marty might say.

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Scott Navicky’s debut novel Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking, follows Humboldt’s rags-to-riches-to-rags trajectory — from dirt poor son of a soybean farmer to performance artist, to CEO, to prison inmate. Hypertext Magazine sat down with Scott to find out … Continue reading

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