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The History of Humboldt (Part VI): Endgame

Every Shakespeare fanatic has his favorite unsolvable mystery. Sigmund Freud’s was why did Shakespeare allow some dead guy to write eleven of his plays? (Edward de Vere, the seventeenth Earl of Oxford died in 1604; “Shakespeare” wrote his final play … Continue reading

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John Brown Day

Yesterday was the anniversary of John Brown’s failed insurrection at Harpers Ferry. As I’ve mentioned before, John Brown was such a humorless bastard that there’s really no way to inject even an ounce of humor into this holiday. But to … Continue reading

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The History of Humboldt (Part IV): The Art of the Ellipsis

Prestigious literary critics aren’t above hurling common schoolboy taunts at one another. The question that formalist critics like to antagonize their character-based brethren with is: “how many children had Lady Macbeth?” This question is meant to be a reminder that … Continue reading

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