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Talkin’ Music: Tom Waits (Four Legs)

It ain’t easy thinking up something creative to say about a man who’s already claimed to have been born in the back of a taxi cab (lots of people fake their own deaths, but who fakes their birth?), to have … Continue reading

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Weird Word of the Week

Peoplepigeons : (n) a way to describe people who spend their whole lives navigating the same circle of life and work. Example paragraph from Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking: “As Humboldt watched, the city transformed itself into a … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Music: Kanye West

For years, I’ve been the founder, President, and seemingly only member of the White, Totally unapologetic Fans of Kanye West Club (also know as the WTF Kanye West Club). Our motto is “We don’t care what people say… and/or do at … Continue reading

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Weird Holiday of the Week

Bloomsday: June 16th is like St. Patrick’s Day for booklovers instead of greenmouthed drunks. And while it’s often difficult to remember exactly what you’re supposed to be celebrating on St. Paddy’s Day (it’s Bono’s birthday, right?), remembering the rationale behind Bloomsday … Continue reading

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The History of Humboldt (Part III): Miseducation

“Education cannot so improve a man that it uproots his natural inclinations,” so counseled Michel de Montaigne. I often find myself on college campuses; in fact, I’m in and out of universities like rappers are in and out of prison. … Continue reading

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