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Flyover Fest Panel Discussion

Midwestern Musings (panel discussion) 12pm — Wild Goose Creative Hannah Stephenson brings together an incredible team of Midwestern writers to talk about what it means to be a writer in the Midwest. This event is part of the book fair … Continue reading

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Review of In the Kettle, The Shriek by Hannah Stephenson

I’m not very smart. Experience has taught me that it’s best to just be upfront about this. Yes, at first glance, I may appear to possess a good vocabulary, but upon further inspection, it becomes painfully obvious that the bulk … Continue reading

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Nothingness & the Nightsky in ZO Magazine

As a small child, I used to mistakenly believe that physical deterioration was the most unpleasant aspect of getting older. Premonitions of an achy lower back, sore knees, arthritis, a hip replacement (or two), glaucoma haunted me nightly. After playing … Continue reading

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You know you’ve been spending beaucoup time line-by-line editing your novel when…

It’s Friday night and you realize that you’re wearing blue pajama pants embroidered with cartoon penguins and an unbuttoned black silk Hawaiian shirt with an image of a wizard battling (and/or dancing with) a grizzly bear on the back and … Continue reading

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The Difficulty of Writing Humorously About Castration

In Humboldt, or the Power of Positive Thinking, a character gets humorously castrated. This character, a former college professor, also happens to be the most vocal advocate of the Power of Positive Thinking. When Humboldt points out to him that everything … Continue reading

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Weird Holiday of the Weekend

Bukowski Day: Doesn’t it seem that, of all writers, Charles Bukowski deserves his own holiday? I mean, the man was like a pockmarked, binge-drinking, womanizing walking holiday. A few years ago, with this in mind, I declared September 15th ‘Bukowski … Continue reading

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